Who we are

As the world’s next manufacturing hub, Africa’s newly established export-led garment industry is growing at a steady pace. Pink Ubuntu is an initiative created by Pink Mango Group with this growth in mind. Pink Ubuntu is the CSR department the group.

Our mission is to ensure that the garment industry genuinely improves the lives of its workers and their families, by working towards attaining the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals.

For us, this mission begins with our own workers and employees – 80% of whom are female, and 75% of whom are below the age of 25. We operate a ‘no empty word’ policy; we work not only by promising to do better in the future, but by doing better now.

Ubuntu, a word used in many African languages, means “I am because we are”. This concept runs deep in the heart of the Pink Ubuntu initiativen which is founded on the concept of compassion, integrity, and speaks directly to our founding philosophy.